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Rebel Tiles is a tile line created by artist Robin Indar in 2006. After making mosaic pieces for over a decade, she found it very difficult to find unique tiles to use as accent tiles in her work. Even more difficult was the task of finding alphabet letter tiles to spell things out in her mosaics.


All of her research found that for exterior mosaics, one should use ceramics that are dense and frost-proof. She settled on a favorite clay and glazes that met that criteria and set about making the very tiles she tried so hard to find. The Rebel Tiles website was launched with only a dozen or so different tiles and has since grown to over 100 different tile designs.


The first year, all of the tiles were hand-rolled using a baker's rolling pin. Finally, she acquired a clay slab-roller to create even thickness in all the tiles. In 2007, Rebel Tiles donated hundreds of tiles to a mosaic project in a local kids' park, making the new sea serpent sculpture an unforgettable climbing experience:


In 2008 Rebel Tiles expanded to include Special Order Tiles, making it easy for customers to choose custom colors for all pre-existing tile designs. In addition, the Special Order section now offers Holey Squares, which are square tiles that can fit any of the round tile designs inside, and square skull tiles, which were requested by many past customers.

In 2010, Rebel Tiles received the unique opportunity to display it's Abstract Skin tiles in Malibu California's Legacy Park on the forms of eight large native California animal sculptures:

malibu frog mosaic

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