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Get your glow in the dark tiles here! These are (so far) the only tiles sold at Rebel Tiles that are not handmade ceramic. They're so fantastic that I had to offer them here anyway. They're made of recycled glass in the hills of Eastern Spain. Once charged by either sun or electric light, they stay illuminated for up to 8 hrs in a brilliant neon blue! They can be easily cut with glass nippers as they are just 1/8" in thickness. Each tile is 1" squared and their uncut edges are smooth and gently rounded. They come in 6" sheets, mesh mounted for easy shipping. Four sheets equal one square foot.

They are available in iridescent light blue or ( greenish/yellowish) white. Both colors glow blue in darkness.

glow tile combo glow tile fish glow in the dark fish mosaic

Here's a short video to show the magic of the white glow tiles in action:


Light Blue Iridescent Glow:

One 6" x 6" swatch of 36 Iridescent light blue glow tiles on mesh= $15

White Glow:

One 6" x 6" swatch of 36 white glow tiles on mesh = $20


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