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Get your leaf tiles here! Remember, all Rebel Tiles are handmade and one of a kind! Leaf tiles can be used as feather tiles and feather tiles can be used as leaf tiles. You can also special order any of these tiles in the color of your choice for an extra charge. Scroll down to see all we have to offer:

Small Leaves

mist green mini oak leaf tile...brown swoop tiles..

Small Oak Leaf Tile $1

 Set of 5 Small Swoop Tiles $ 2.50 

Medium Leaves

.lime leaf tile...forest leaf tile...camel brown leaf tile...tobacco leaf tile

Medium Veined Leaf Tile $2


Large Leaves

fern mist oak leaf tile...forest green oak leaf tile...pot leaf tile

Large Misty Green Oak Leaf $4

Large Forest Green Oak Leaf $4


Forest Green Mary Jane Leaf $7


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