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Special Order Circles & Dots!

Circles and dots are a great way to create a flowing, free spirited feeling in your mosaic. I've given each size it's

own name to try and make the ordering process a little more fun, and hopefully a little easier.

Like all special order tiles on this site, there is a wait time of 2-4 weeks depending on the size of your order.

Each tile is roughly 1/4" thick and there are many colors to choose from. You can also order Off-Center-Circles

(where the hole in the middle is off center) near the bottom of the page.

Scroll down to see examples of these tiles used in mosaics!

circle tile diagram

Your color choices:

rebeltiles color chart mini

3 inch orbit tile red The Orbit Tile is 3" with a hole size of 2 3/8".

Orbit Tile $3.75/ea.

 Ten Orbit Tiles for $34

onion slice tile red The Onion Slice Tile is 2 3/8 " and has a hole size of roughly 2".

Onion Slice Tile $1.75/ea.

Ten Onion Slice Tiles for $15

2 inch galaxy tile red the Galaxy Tile is 2" across and has a hole size of 1 1/4".

It fits best inside the Orbit Tile.

Galaxy Tile $1.50/ea.

Ten Galaxy Tiles for $12

cheerio tile The Cheery-o Tile is 1 1/4" across w/a 1/2" hole in the center.

It fits best inside an Onion Slice tile.

Cheery-o Tile $0.75/ea.

Ten Cheery-o Tiles for $6

polka dot tile The Polka Dot Tile is 1 1/4" across, and has no hole. It fits best inside an Onion Slice tile.

Polka Dot Tile $0.75/ea.

Ten Polka Dot Tiles for $6

measly tile red The Measly Tile is 1/2" across and has no hole. It fits best inside a Galaxy Tile.

Measly Tile $0.50/ea.

Ten Measly Tiles for $4

off center orbit tile The Off Center Orbit Tile has the same specs as the Orbit Tile.

Off Center Orbit Tile $3.75/ea.

Ten Off Center Orbit Tiles for $34

off center galaxy tile The Off Center Galaxy Tile has the same specs as the Galaxy Tile.

Off Center Galaxy Tile $1.50/ea.

Ten Off Center Galaxy Tiles for $12

off center cheerio tile The Off Center Cheery-o Tile has the same specs as the Cheerio Tile.

Off Center Cheery-o Tile $0.75/ea.

Ten Off Center Cheery-o Tiles for $6

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