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*Special Order Tiles*

Welcome to the Rebel Tiles Special Order Page. Here you can pick any style or shape tile and have it made in any color you choose! We have custom Holey Squares tiles which are square tiles with a hole cut out of the center so you can choose from a variety of round tiles to put on the inside. We also have custom circle tiles, custom alphabet tiles, and much more! If you like a tile from the main catalog, but simply want it in a different color, there is a processing fee of roughly 25%. Otherwise, the prices per tile are shown below with examples. For all special order tiles you will need to allow approximately 2-4 weeks depending on the size and nature of your order. All tiles are handmade using a porcelain mix rolled to 1/4" thick, and hand-glazed.

Holey Squares!

holey squares trinity tiles..big holey square tile

Finally! Rebel Tiles has the option of goin' square! Now in 3 1/4" or 4 1/4" sizes!

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Custom Alphabets Tiles!

special alphabet

Jumbo Alphas, like the ones shown above, as well as square alphas, and custom colored alphabubbles!

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Circles and Dots

circle tiles red

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Custom Color 4" Skull Tiles

skull tile 3 color 4 inch.. quartet skull tile mini

Design your own by picking the colors! Heavy Duty Porcelain Embossed Skull Tiles

will brighten any kitchen, bath or patio! (shown smaller than actual size)

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Rebel Tiles Special Order Color Chart

rebel tiles color chart

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